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Skirt Wear Liner Kit

  • Straight Canoe
  • Straight AR400
  • Tangent Canoe
  • Tangent AR400

Features and Benefits

  • Retrofits to worn out chutes and load zones to quickly prevent fugitive material from escaping the load zone.
  • No Belt Damage. With correct installation, the skirt rubber will not drag on the belt, causing premature wear or gouge marks inthe belt cover.  Such damage reduces belt cleaning efficiency.
  • Safe Service Access. All maintenance work can be done safely from the sides of the conveyor.
  • Economical. Buy only the parts you need for your skirting system.
  • Long service life. Skirt Wear Liner Kits are made of corrosion protected components for tough duty. AR400 provides a durable and corrosion resistent surface for long wear. Replacement parts are available.
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  • Upper mounting plate - quickly welds onto existing skirt structure
  • Provides wear liner adjsutments from outside the system
  • Wear Liner with AR400 or Polyurethane Canoe Liner options
  • Comes with industry leading RMC1 Skirt Clamps