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Discover Aggregate Belt Conveyor Solutions

Durability and productivity are of the utmost importance. When you want to ensure you’re achieving both, turn to the very best in aggregate belt conveyor technology.   

Flexco Understands Aggregate

As a working professional tasked with managing aggregate conveyor systems for your facility, you quite literally have tons on your plate. Flexco gets that, which is why we aim to provide the very best solutions to tackle specific conveyor components.   

Flexco's goal is to be your "Partner in Productivity." Our customers recognize us as a premium manufacturer of products and services for their needs, regardless of the size or scope of the application. Over time, this approach has been successful for us and for our customers.

By harnessing a collaborative mindset, we have been able to better suit a wide variety of needs for our customers. That means developing and perfecting heavy-duty solutions that help you meet your needs and adapt to an ever-growing industry. 

Our selection of aggregate belt conveyor solutions help operations that are utilizing different conveyor types. From our belt cleaners and belt monitoring technology, to belt fastening systems, and even our training opportunities, Flexco has you covered. 

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Top Aggregate Industry Pain Points and Trends 

Aggregate belt conveyor systems are susceptible to many challenges. From the load zone to the belt itself, there are many areas that need special attention. Let’s look at problems in aggregate production and some easy solutions. 

Dust Spillage

Dust buildup occurs during the bulk material handling transportation process. This has many consequences. Some of these include increased belt conveyor maintenance and site safety hazards leading to visibility issues, breathing complications, and fines. 


Conveyor belt mistracking causes many issues, including loss of raw material and excessive wear on the belt conveyor system. When you're processing materials at upwards of 1,000 tons per hour, mistracking belts negatively affect your bottom line. 


When you're loading and unloading aggregate material all day and the proper tools aren't in place, your output can suffer. You can bolster your production processes simple by implementing cleaners, fasteners, and Flexco Elevate®

Workplace Safety

In aggregate conveyor belt systems, safety always comes first. A belt that lacks proper maintenance poses an issue for production and for the workers who use it every day. By selecting the ideal fasteners and using the right maintenance tools, you can better prepare for workplace safety incidents. 

Aggregate BELT Conveyor Solutions

Make sure you use the best belt conveyor products by checking out our top solutions. Flexco offers the very best in on-site and preventive maintenance. Discover why we are the industry standard for mechanical belt fasteners, belt cleaning systems, and so much more. 

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