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Flex-Lag® Rubber Lagging

  • Plain Rubber Lagging
  • Diamon Pattern Rubber Lagging
  • Light Duty Lagging

Flex-Lag® Rubber Lagging has been developed in multiple styles including Light-Duty, Plain-Pattern, and Diamond-Pattern to meet the needs of any application.

Because the lagging comes in rolls, virtually any pulley dimension can utilize Flex-Lag.

Features and Benefits


  • Specially designed for pulleys with diameters as small as 50 mm.
  • Moisture is channeled between small raised buttons that support and grip the belt and deliver superior traction.
  • Available in SBA and White Nitrile
  • Can be made in rolls up to 75m long, dependent on lagging thickness


  • Helps prevent belt slippage in dry environments
  • Provides larger surface contact area relative to other patterned lagging
  • Horizontal grooves channel water and debris while providing a better dynamic interaction with the belt compared to sheet lagging
  • Available with FRAS approved rubber, marked in blue for easy identification on site

Diamond-Pattern Rubber

  • Diamond pattern features a bidirectional design for superior water-shedding characteristics
  • Horizontal grooves provide a second method to disperse water and debris off the lagging and prevent hydroplaning
  • Performs well in both dry and wet applications
  • Available with FAAS approved rubber, marked in blue for easy identification on site


  • Minimum Pulley Diameter: 
    • Light Duty: 2" (50 mm)
    • Plain and Diamond-Pattern:12" (300 mm)
  • Thickness:
    • Light Duty: .3" (7.5mm)
    • Plain and Diamond-Pattern: 3/8"–1" (10–25 mm)
  • Temperature Rating: 5° F to 185° F (-15° C to 85° C)
  • Rubber Compound: SBR (Styrene-Butadiene-Rubber)
  • Rubber Hardness: 68 ± 3 Shore A
  • FRAS (Fire Resistant Anti Static) - MHSA Certification # MSHA NO. IC-190
  • Roll Width: 8" (200 mm) 
  • Roll Length: 
    • Light Duty:  10.8 ft. (3.3 M)
    • Plain and Diamond-Pattern: 21 ft. (6.5 m) 


  • Use the Flexco Lagging calculator to determine the appropriate number of strips/rolls required for your application
  • Flex-Lag does not require removing the pulley from the conveyor system
  • A labor-saving cold vulcanization process with Flex-Lag Adhesive makes on-site installation fast, simple, and efficient
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Flex-Lag® Rubber
Light Duty
Total Thickness*
(10–25 mm)
(10–25 mm)
Belt Width*
Any Width Any Width Any Width
Minimum Pulley Diameter
2" (50 mm) 12" (300 mm) 12" (300 mm)
Dry Friction
Very Good Excellent Very Good
Wet Friction
Average Average Good
Wet/Muddy Friction
-- Average Average
Wear Life
Good Good Good
Ease of Installation
Good Good Good
Drainage Grooves
No Yes
FRAS (Fire Resistant Anti Static)
No Available
Rubber Compound
Hardness (Shore A)
68 +/- 3
Ceramic Compound
-- -- --
Ceramic Coverage
-- -- --
Operating Temperature
5° – 185° F (-15° – 85° C)

*Additional thicknesses and widths available as special orders. 

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