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Flexco Introduces the FXC™ Steel Cord Belt Fastening System

Flexco recently announced the addition of the FXC™ Steel Cord Belt Fastening System to its line of heavy-duty mechanical belt fastening systems. When an operation needs to reduce downtime from a damaged belt, the FXC can provide an immediate solution as a temporary splice or to pull a belt onto the conveyor system.  

Although the FXC Steel Cord Belt Fastening System is designed to be a temporary solution, users can expect full performance at normal levels to fill stockpiles and continue operations while vulcanization is scheduled. This patented fastener design has undergone extensive internal and field testing to ensure strong performance in the most demanding environments.  

“The FXC Steel Cord Belt Fastening System is an excellent solution for heavy-duty operations,” according to Flexco Product Manager Franklin Moore. “When a belt conveyor system goes down, the FXC allows teams to get back up and running in a fraction of the time it takes to wait for a permanent solution. Additionally, the FXC allows workers to pull a belt onto the conveyor system in a more efficient manner. Overall, this system was engineered to put time and money back into the pockets of our heavy-duty customers.” 

Having a kit on hand at a facility essentially acts as an insurance policy that allows users to spring into action when belt issues arise, drastically reducing production downtime. The FXC Steel Cord Belt Fastening System can even be pre-spliced to belt ends ahead of a belt pull, making stringing a belt onto the system even faster. 

Because there are many different steel cord belt constructions, a datasheet is used to collect the belt’s specifications so a custom splice kit can be made for a specific belt. Customers are asked to provide the belt rating (currently available for belts up to ST2500), cord diameter, cord pitch, and belt width. After submission, a quote can be provided along with additional details about the splice kit and installation. 

The FXC can be used in heavy-duty applications, and is ideal for use in aggregate, cement, coal-fired power plants, open pit hard rock, metals, and underground mining. 

Published Date

May 15, 2024

Product Group

  • Mechanical Belt Fastening Systems