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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my Alligator® Ready Set™ fastener plates loose?

Check to make sure the correct size fastener has been used.

The fasteners may have not been fully set.

  • The fasteners should be firmly set, creating a slight puckering of belt around front edge of the top plate. This may not be possible on hard belts or belts with little top cover.
  • You should not be able to catch a fingernail under the plates.
  • Belt is either too thin or too thick for the size of Alligator® Staple Fastener selected. Confirm that the proper size has been selected.
  • Rough top belt was either not skived or the belt was skived too thin for the size of Alligator Staple Fastener being used.

The 'Final Set' procedure may have been performed on a surface other than a hardened steel plate.

  • A hardened steel plate, such as the Flexco ST-28 setting plate, should be used. Surfaces such as soft steel or wood will not allow staples to be fully set and/or can cause the staple leg to deflect out of the pocket.

The 'Final Set' procedure may have been performed from the bottom side of the fastener, causing staples to back out or to buckle inside of the belt.

  • Final setting of staples should always be performed from the top side of the fastener on a hardened steel plate.

Staples may have misfired during installation.

  • See Staples Misfire During Installation Topic.

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