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SmartClamp Belt Clamp System Saves a Major Packaging Facility 10 Minutes of Downtime With Each Use



Package and Parts Handling


Major package distribution center


SmartClamp Belt Clamp System


Save time and keep worker safety at top of mind during routine belt maintenance

Conveyor Detail

Multiple belts throughout facility approximately 3/16" thickand range in width from 36" to 60" (450 – 600 mm)


This major package and parts handling facility had tried many different types of belt clamping systems. Their current belt clamp system was comprised of 4 belt edge clamps which required the operator to apply adequate and equal tension on the two bolts per clamp – a task that was often tricky to accomplish. Total time to install and adjust the clamps was 2 ½ minutes per clamp, or 10 minutes for the set of four. Tensioning was also an issue. Because the bolts had to be adjusted with a socket wrench, consistent tension on the belt was impossible to control and it could result in belt damage. And then there was the issue of worker safety. Because the load pressure was centralized at the bolts rather than evenly distributed over the clamp area, clamp strength was reduced.


This package and parts handling facility needed to be able to repair their belts quickly, while at the same time keep their workers safe. Flexco recommended the new SmartClamp™ belt clamp system. Unlike their existing clamp system which required time consuming adjustments, the SmartClamps quickly slipped over the belt edge and required only two soft faced hammer blows per clamp to engage and lock the clamps on the belt. The SmartClamps also provided additional clamping strength due to the male/female locking interface between the belt, housing, and lower wedge. In addition, the pressure was evenly spread across the full belt clamp rather than just at the bolt locations resulting in increased safety for employees during belt maintenance.


SmartClamps proved to be a quick pay back due to the time savings for this facility. What was once taking approximately 2 ½ minutes per clamp (10 minutes per system) to install is now only taking seconds per clamp to engage. Time is money. And with the average cost of downtime around $2,000 per hour, the SmartClamps saved this package and parts facility approximately $350 each time they needed to clamp their belts. The payback on their SmartClamp investment was quick and the company also invested in the long-term safety of their employees.

Lear How Flexco Saved a Major Fulfillment Center $1.8 million/day

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