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Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver Speeds Install Time at Midwest Mine

Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver


Underground Coal


Installation of SR fasteners to splice belt


Flexco Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver


Find a quicker and more consistent way to splice the belt

Conveyor Detail

42" to 48" 3-ply belts


A mine located in the Midwest was looking for a better, more efficient way to install splices. The method they used in the past was hammer installation. While hammer installation was simple and the method they were most used to, time, splice consistency, and worker safety could all be improved with a better alternative.


After seeing the Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver demonstrated, the belt coordinator wanted a chance to let his crew use it. The maintenance crew felt that the driver was fast and accurately installed consistent, high-quality splices. They felt that it is easy to use and required minimal training.


After a few times studies, the customer noticed a significant reduction in its average splice time, roughly 40 percent. They also recognized the consistency and quality of each splice – something that couldn’t be achieved every single time with a hammer – and the ergonomic benefits of using the driver versus swinging a hammer. The mine ordered two additional units and workers have been using the Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver for more than 15 months.

Product Group

  • Mechanical Belt Fastening Systems

Product Line

  • Flexco® Rivet Hinged Fastening System


  • Underground Mining