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Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver Speeds Install Time at Coal Mine

Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver


Underground Coal


Installation of SR fasteners to splice belt


Flexco Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver


Find a quicker and more consistent way to splice the belt that is safer for workers

Conveyor Detail

1200mm to 1500mm solid woven belts with belt speeds ranging from 3m/s to 4.2m/s


An underground coal mine was looking for a quicker and more consistent way to install splices that was less physically demanding and safer for the maintenance crew. The mine’s conveyors run non-stop year-round, and maintenance is conducted weekly in order to identify issues before they became problems. For the installation of mechanical belt fasteners, the mine previously used a hammer, which usually takes two workers more than 3.5 days to fasten 20 belts. The mine was happy to try a tool that could improve worker safety, reduce time spent installing, and produce consistent splices.


After seeing the Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver demonstrated by a Flexco distributor, the mine’s maintenance crew trialed the tool. The maintenance crew felt that the driver was fast and accurately installed consistent high-quality splices. They also felt that the dual handles provided easy balance and was safer than using a sledge hammer, because it placed less stress on the operator’s body. The Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver was easy to use and required minimal training.


The mine found the Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver to be fast, consistent and less physically demanding for the crew. Time spent fastening the 20 belts was reduced to only nine hours, a savings of about 85%. This saved the mine time and money, and plus increased productivity by limiting time spent conducting maintenance. The mine recognized the safety features of the tool, and noticed that the ergonomic benefits of using the driver versus swinging a hammer dramatically reduced the risk of injuries to hands and eyes, as well as stress on the body. They also recognized the consistency and quality of each splice – something that couldn’t be achieved every single time with a hammer. Workers at the coal mine have been using the Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver for more than a year.

Product Group

  • Mechanical Belt Fastening Systems

Product Line

  • Flexco® Rivet Hinged Fastening System


  • Underground Mining

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