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PTEZ HD Belt Trainer Extends Life of Belt, Washbox at Trona Mine



Underground Mining


Trona Mining Belt


PTEZ HD Belt Trainer


Extend belt life
Prevent structure and wash box damage

Conveyor Detail

60", 16,400 ft. long, ¾"-thick 4-ply, rubber belt running 730 fpm at 750 PIW


The belt at an underground Trona mine was mistracking and damaging the belt and wash box. Knowing that they could get fined for the belt rubbing against structural components and that belt life would be shortened due to the damage, the maintenance team knew they needed to solve the problem.


After researching a solution, the team chose a product that had recently entered the market – the Flexco PTEZ HD Belt Trainer. The PTEZ HD is designed for capacities up to 1000 fpm and 2400 PIW belts, so it more than met the needs for the application. During installation, they simply removed a return roller and mounted the PTEZ HD in its place – 14.5 feet in front of and behind the next two return rollers. The whole process took less than 10 minutes.


The PTEZ HD immediately corrected the mistracking, directing the belt to track properly into the washbox and drive pulleys. The maintenance team was so impressed with the ease of installation and how efficiently it trained the belt that they ordered two additional units within 60 days of the installation of the original unit to improve belt tracking in other areas of the operation.

Product Group

  • Belt Positioners, Trackers, and Trainers

Product Line

  • PTEZ™ Belt Trainer


  • Underground Mining