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Maintenance Team Prefers Flexco Cordless Electric Belt Cutter over the Competition

Cordless Electric Belt Cutter




Underground mining


Flexco Cordless Electric Belt Cutter


Reduce downtime

Conveyor Detail

1" thick new and used PVC belt, 1000 PIW


Sometimes getting a better price can lure people away from the durability and usability they are used to getting with a quality product. That is what happened at an underground potash mine when they decide to try a different belt cutter and were greeted with much different results. While the cutter worked similarly in the belt shop, taking it on location was a nightmare. Not only was it not as portable as the previous cutter, but the blade life was decreased due to the conditions of the application.


The maintenance team at the mine ultimately decided to return to the Flexco Cordless Electric Belt Cutter (CEBC1) – a solution they knew worked well for them.


The durability and efficiency of the Cordless Electric Belt Cutter from Flexco is hard to beat. In extreme conditions, when there was dirt on the bottom of the belt, the CEBC1 excelled when the competition failed. The maintenance team is much more comfortable taking a product that is dependable and can handle any conditions on site with them and will stick with the Flexco solution.

Product Group

  • Belt Maintenance Tools

Product Line

  • Belt Cutters


  • Underground Mining