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Transfer Chute Upgrade Increases Throughput, Eliminates Blockages for Iron Ore Facility

Iron Ore Transfer Chute


Iron Ore


One-to-one Oblique Transfer with integrated cross-cut sampler
One-to-one oblique transfer with a head shuttling


Increase tonnages and throughput
Increase belt availability


Tasman Warajay® Technology Transfer Point Solutions


1500 mm belt width, 5.0 m/s belt speed, 10,000 tph rated throughput


A major iron ore processing facility in Western Australia was embarking on a de-bottlenecking project at one of their biggest ports and was seeking to improve transfer chute functions to increase tonnages and throughput, while increasing belt availability. Two of their transfers were experiencing blockages at flow rates of 8,500 tph and above, even though their design capacity was projected at 10,000 tph. Ore fines were particularly troublesome for the transfers to move efficiently. A second chute rated at 10,000 tph was too narrow and restricted material flow when handling lower-density product, resulting in the operation having to choke back to a reduced feed rate of 8,500 tph. In terms of belt availability, a number of small ledges and faceted flow surfaces were present inside of the transfer, resulting in residual product build up, as well as restricting flow through the transfer. 


After Flexco completed a flow modeling report, which included Discreet Element Modeling as well as an in-house trial with a scaled transfer, it was decided that the project would be completed in two phases. During phase one, design was discussed and a new flow rate capacity of 10,500 was targeted. It was decided that Flexco would incorporate existing deflector plates into the design and concentrate on a one-on-one oblique transfer with and integrated cross-cut sample and a one-on-one oblique transfer with a head shuttling. Both transfers were designed to handle the full range of products through the facility, ranging from lump through ore fines. Both chutes were lined with 63mm and 37mm wear liners (manufactured with 50mm and 25mm ceramic tiles) and configured in bolted, replaceable panels that were 300mm x 300mm in size. Manufacturing and installation of the transfer chutes was completed during phase two of the project.


Both upgraded transfers are now loading centrally and blockage-free. Continuous rates of 10,000 tph were achieved at commissioning for all products, including the formerly problematic ore fines. Tests conducted weeks after installation even reached the new flow rate capacity of 10,500 tph, maximising productivity and throughput.

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